10% of tokens saved for ape gifts! Need Exit Membership NFT – buy at Mintclub for big airdrop. More tokens for token/NFT holders from other projects too! 🦍🪙🚀

  • Exit Membership NFT Airdrop – 70%
  • Project Based Airdrop- 25%
  • Key Opinion Leader Airdrop – 5%

Exit Membership NFT

Total 10,000 Exit Membership NFTs up for grabs on Mintclub

After $EXIT all minted, Snapshots happen at secret times for Exit Membership NFT holders. If got more than one NFT, get in Airdrop. NFTs on Markets no count. Several Airdrops for Exit Membership NFTs. First come First banana airdrop.🦍🤝💰

Project based

Work together with tasty projects to get more delicious bananas, or simply share bananas with fellow apes holding $EXIT. 🍌🐵🤝

Key Opinion Leader

We want the right Apes to join us! If you’ve got a buzzing community and dig NFTs and MEME Coins, drop your info here. We wanna chat! We’ll talk mainly on X (Twitter). We set aside 5% of our Airdrop for top Apes, and we want a max of 10 of the best. If you’re a pro at hyping up rocketing MEMEs or a crypto scene detective, drop your deets below! 🦍🚀📢